Non Electricity based Dosing pump driven by water powered no electric or pneumatic power required: no additional installation and operational cost or risks/installed directly on the water line: ready to use solution, dosage proportional to the water flow (no influence of water flow variations), tolerate Variations of pressure from the water line (it does not affect the accuracy), no pump damage even when the additive tank is empty, no overdosing risk / no pure chemical injection risk when water supply if off, a delivery pressure of up to 10 bar. The suction lift should be 1.5 meter, suction line with foot valve strainer, weight, flexible hose, 100 liter transpirant tank etc.


  • A flow meter (hydraulic motor)
  • An Injector (double effect dosing piston)
  • An homogenizer (mixing chamber)
  • A pressure regulation (Stable dosage from 0.3 to 6 bar)


  • Proportional
  • Non Electric
  • Integrating all dosing and mixing function
  • Independent and precise
  • User-friendly
  • Installation and maintenance-friendly
  • Environment-respecting

Dosatron vs electric pumps


Electric pumps

Precise: Dosing proportional to the water flow passing through the Dosatron. Non proportional, no dosing, only injecting. Needs flow meter and servo control to obtain proportional injection
Unlike other systems, proportional dosing provides uniform distribution of the products over the entire sector(s) Over- or under dosing risk when not servo-controlled
Non electric Runs on water power and flow dependent system. Non autonomous : Needs Electricity
Easy maintenance as moving parts do not have metal parts. No high installation cost. Simple piping required. Higher cost, especially with servo-control installation
Saving in electricity. About Rs. 800/- Per Months PerAnnum 9600/. In Ten years about saving lac saving No saving of electricity it is must for running.
Longer life of about 10 years or more subject to quality of water only periodically AMC is required Average life 1 to 2 years it means department has to buy in 10 years 9 times. Units of about 315000/-(Three lac Fifteen Thousand)

Operating principle

Installed directly in the water supply line, the Dosatron operates by using the flow of water as the power source. The water activates the Dosatron, which takes up the required percentage of concentrate directly from the container and inject it into the water. Inside the Dosatron, the concentrated is mixed with the water, and water pressure forces the solution downstream. The dose of concentrate will be directly proportional to the volume of water entering the Dosatron,regardless of variations in flow or pressure , which may occur in the main line.

See also Dosatron Range


Proportional injection externally adjustable.

The injection rate is set by lining up to eyelet with the desired ratio on the scale. the amount of injected concentrate is proportional to the amount of water coming into the Dosatron: i.e. adjustable at 1% = 1:100 = 1 Volume of concentrate + 100 volumes of water.