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Welcome to Society of Hospital Medicine

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Resources for Hospitalists on COVID-19.

More Caring, Less Clicking


As hospitalists, SHM members are in the unique position to be leaders and change agents within their hospital and health systems. They are frequent – often daily – users of their EMR systems and have a vested interest in improving workflow. As such, they are poised to champion for, offer insight about potential downstream effects of or even lead the adoption of practical changes that enhance the usability and efficiency of their EMR systems.

SHM’s Healthcare Information Technology Special Interest Group has identified five areas in which suggested changes could positively impact the daily work of hospitalists. This white paper, More Caring, Less Clicking, presents evidence-based recommendations to optimize the user experience in these domain areas:

  • Documentation
  • Clinical decision support
  • Order entry
  • Communication
  • Data review

We urge hospitalists and health IT leaders to collaborate with one another, consider these recommendations and adopt a shared goal of having frontline clinicians spend more time caring for patients and less time in front of a screen.

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