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Thermal Insulation


Tufnol is recommended by leading architects for its insulating properties in building construction.

Thermal insulation properties of Tufnol

In order to minimise heat loss and reduce the carbon footprint of new buildings, leading architectural designers have turned to Tufnol materials to provide a solution.

Tufnol plates are used as a high performance thermal insulator between internal and external structural connections. The presence of the Tufnol plates minimises a feature called ‘cold bridging’ or ‘thermal transfer’ from the cold surface outside a building to the warmer surface inside - and vice versa. The specific grade of Tufnol is often dependant on the the design architect’s structural requirements however the high compressive strength of all Tufnol materials makes it an obvious choice.

When combined with bolt insulating washers and ferrules, Tufnol thermal break plates are a cost effective way of reducing heat loss and the risk of internal condensation.