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RFEM 5 for Beginners

The video recordings "Tutorial for RFEM 5 Beginners" offers beginners the ideal option to start with the FEA software RFEM.

The web pages of the individual videos include the used models to download. Thus, you can check your own inputs in the program.

Student Tutorials

Many students are using the Dlubal programs to verify their structural problems. Take a look at these short videos which include simple examples to see how easy it is to work with Dlubal Software.

These videos are especially dedicated to students who are new users to the structural frame analysis program RSTAB and the FEA software RFEM.

Online Training Recordings

Watch our recorded online training on various topics.

Accomplished and Recorded Webinars

Watch our recorded webinars on various topics.

In this way, you can easily familiarize with Dlubal Software and expand your knowledge about the main programs RFEM and RSTAB, the add-on modules and the stand-alone programs.


Dlubal Software provides demo videos for you to learn about our programs.

Select a category on the left to start the video on YouTube.

By seeing some examples of structural analysis, you get an introduction to a variety of useful program functions. The short videos are accompanied with either audio or written explanations.

We hope you enjoy watching the demo videos.

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