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Mechanical engineers almost always specify rectangular ducts, however spiral duct is gaining in popularity and oval duct is being used in buildings with clearance issues that prevent the use of spiral duct. Oval spiral duct can also be used for aesthetic reasons.

Flat oval ducts combine the benefits of the round shape of the spiral duct with the versatility of the rectangular duct.

Oval ducts are basically the best of both worlds, though given the choice; you would still be wise to go with spiral ductwork over all else.69式姿势图片69式姿势图片,羞羞app下载羞羞app下载,张悠雨水上阁楼张悠雨水上阁楼

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Like spiral duct, flat oval duct has no square corners like rectangular ductwork, making it less susceptible to vibration and friction. Friction and turbulence are the two primary contributors to reduced air flow and noise, which is why the rounded shape that is maintained by ovalizing spiral duct is ideal. The decreased interference of the airflow lowers the turbulence and lends itself to a quieter overall HVAC system. Spiral duct and oval spiral duct have a lower cost of installation and a more efficient airflow.


Oval duct resembles a spiral duct that has been stretched sideways making the diameter of a large pipe thinner without reducing the ceiling height while maintaining the CFM of the ductwork. It doesn’t have sharp edges like rectangular duct, but it is flat on the top and bottom, meaning that it can lay directly against the ceiling like rectangular ductwork. Spiral ducts are taller so they don’t fit in tight spaces. Oval spiral ducts, on the other hand, have all the advantages of the round shape while still fitting into smaller spaces.

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