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原纱央莉 在线原纱央莉 在线,夫妻交换夫妻交换,4h虎影库永久4h虎影库永久

原纱央莉 在线原纱央莉 在线,夫妻交换夫妻交换,4h虎影库永久4h虎影库永久


原纱央莉 在线原纱央莉 在线,夫妻交换夫妻交换,4h虎影库永久4h虎影库永久

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DATE: 2021-01-04
原纱央莉 在线原纱央莉 在线,夫妻交换夫妻交换,4h虎影库永久4h虎影库永久
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原纱央莉 在线原纱央莉 在线,夫妻交换夫妻交换,4h虎影库永久4h虎影库永久
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High Water-Based Packing

High Water-Based Packing

  High Water-Based Gland Packing

  Model:ASL 356


  Precision woven by the high quality special synthetic fiber impregnated with PTFE emulsion, containing special wash resistant lubricants and blocking agent.

  Has high corrosion resistance, tensile strength, good flexibility, high resistance to wear,soft texture and easy to cut, etc.


  Widely used in thermal power plants, chemical plants, steel mills, and other industries of ash pump, slurry pump, feed water pump, booster pump and other large water pump.

  Especially suitable for more granular and high abrasion condition .

  Technical data:

  Temperature: 350℃

  PH: 0-14

  Pressure: Rotating 25bar,Reciprocating 250bar,Valves 100bar

  Linear speed: 20m/s

  Order specifications: side x side

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