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  1. Guys, I not know about flights. She had to travel from Bangkok to Hua Yai , Rayong and it looks like they are going to do the same as in April, that you cannot go from one Province to another.
  2. The restrictions a The new restrictions are not yet in place, we will have to see. Yes she has her name on a contract, but she only has a tourist visa...
  3. My girl-friend is in quarantaine hotel in Bangkok until 14 th January. it be too stupid she could not make it to Pattaya now! <deleted> covid! 学生门视频百度云资源学生门视频百度云资源,亚洲人妖视频亚洲人妖视频,亚洲a视频亚洲a视频网站亚洲a视频亚洲a视频网站
  4. With the current situation, it is a real possibility, you cannot travel form one province to another. My girlfriend is until 14 th January in ste quarantaine in Bangkok. But I liv ein Hua Yay, near Pattaya. So if this is happening, what to do. she not really come form Bangkok as being in quarantaine, but she is here on tourist visa; coming form Philippines. The leech is on both our names here. You think it be possible that she would return here?
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